Artistic Mission
To produce artistically original fine art photographs. Using advanced digital darkroom tools, I create a personal rendition based on lasting impressions of a scene. I strive for technically excellent and impactful photos, rich in detail and with the utmost clarity.

My passion has always been for the arts but my fascination with photography is relatively recent. Initially trained in recording engineering & music production, my career started in the audio industry. Fascinated by computer graphics, I then worked as a multimedia artist and 3D animator for more than a decade, until I found my true calling.

After relocating overseas in 2008, I was hooked by the creative potential of photography. I love to capture unique natural environments. Having a background in digital media allowed me to employ the latest digital darkroom technologies to maximize the visceral impact of natural scenes.

Photographic Strategy
While location is important to great landscape photography, recognizing and utilizing the right light is critical. The golden hour around sunrise and sunset often provides light that is both soft and vibrantly colourful. Planning ahead using computer mapping applications that identify sunrise, sunset and location coordinates allows for a more productive use of time. It can take several attempts at the same location for all elements to come together but when they do it’s magic. That magic is what I try to infuse into my photos.

Landscape and Ocean Collections
My collection of photos was captured in some of the world’s most beautiful countries (see a map), including: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Costa Rica, New Caledonia, Thailand, Indonesia, Turks and Caicos, and Cambodia. My Latest collection comes from Newfoundland – a photographer’s paradise!

Wildlife Collection
While photographing landscapes, I have had the pleasure to meet “local talent” in their natural environment, all my wildlife photos are taken in the wild. My goal is to capture the fine details of wildlife that a high-resolution photograph reveals.

Photographic Techniques
Proper focus, exposure, and composition are essential. I also employ a variety of advanced photographic techniques including; High Dynamic Range (HDR), long exposure night photography, and high resolution panoramic images.

Prints and Canvas
The care and detail of my work include the final presentation. I print my images using archival paper and inks, design and hand-cut the mats, and frame the photo using high quality materials. I also produce a selection of pre-matted prints in standard frame sizes, and a selection of photos on stretched canvas. Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss any custom needs you may have.